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Anpecia XL

Manufacturer of ANPECIA-F Solution, Anpecia Solution Spray & Calgray

  • Anpecia XL: Stop Your Hair Loss

    Ever wondered why hair fall is one of the most common issues related to skin and hair? There are various reasons for this common ailment. Lifestyle disorders, combined with poor diet, environmental factors, and stress all result in an unhealthy scalp. One of the easiest ways to deal with hair fall is to drastically improve your lifestyle, but since that is not an option for everyone, we have the next best thing.

    Anpecia XL is a hair serum developed specifically for men’s hair woes. Its three primary ingredients- Anagain, Capixyl, and Hexaplant Richter, allow for your hair to grow twice as fast and moisturize your hair when used. Anagain increases the hair growth coefficient of your hair by 78%, which means that your scalp is stimulated to grow hair much faster in order to make p for the hair loss while curbing existing hair loss.

    Capixyl, on the other hand, inhibits an enzyme known as 5- alpha reductase. 5- alfa reductase turns testosterone into DHT, thus causing hair fall. Capixyl inhibits 5-alfa reductase and reduces hair fall. Hexaplant Richter is a herbal cocktail that is extracted from 6 powerful herbs which are proven to benefit hair growth and scalp health. It increases oxygen circulation in the scalp and encourages hair density. The overall combination of these three active ingredients results in soft and smooth hair, which are strong and healthy.

  • The benefits of Anpecia XL are listed as below:
    • Softer hair after each use
    • Does not crystallise on the scalp and can be used daily
    • Reduced hairfall
    • Rapid hair growth
    • Increased hair density
    • Nourished and stronger hair
    • Non sticky with a water base
    • Visible and stark difference in 3 months

    Anpecia XL is developed by Medcure Organics which is one of the top derma companies in India as well as a very successful PCD Derma franchise. It has a strong presence in Chandigarh, which is the capital of Punjab and Haryana alike. Medcure has rapidly become one of the best Derma PCD franchise in Chandigarh. Chandigarh as a city is very well planned and beautiful. It was designed by the Swiss-French modernist architect, Le Corbusier. It is famous for its rock garden and rose garden which are a major tourist attraction for the city. Along with being well-planned, the city has a high standard of living as compared to other cities in India. It boasts of a population of over 10 lakh and Medcure proudly serves the town of Chandigarh with its high quality products.

    Medcure Organics is a fast growing Derma PCD company with a vision to create and distribute products that address real issues. Medcure Organics is committed to increase access to high quality healthcare products across India. Medcure has a presence pan India and is looking for franchises to be a part of the vision and ensure high quality healthcare all across the country. If you are someone with the vision for a successful PCD franchise, contact us for franchise options and product details.