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Ophthalmology Division


One of the leading companies for ophthalmology in India, Medcure Organics, is a well-known brand that offers people with eye problems a clear vision. Beyond the profit motive, we believe in upholding the fundamental principles and supporting the entire society by fulfilling our social obligations and responsibilities with all of our hearts. Since our incorporation in 2010, we have been making a sincere effort to end human suffering by making medications and pharmaceuticals affordable to the maximum number of people. Our eye care products are of exceptional quality. We offer a wide variety of ophthalmic products, including eye drops, eye ointments and tablets. All of these eye care products are produced in accordance with WHO and GMP guidelines.

Although eye drops seem like a very small kind of medicine, they have evolved over time to become a medical miracle. In recent times, people are heading to the clinics of their nearest ophthalmologist for anything from routine eye checkups to the most severe eye conditions, as a result of the increased use of devices and the excess of pollution. People are increasingly searching for the top eye drop manufacturing companies in India because of the rise in demand. Medcure Organics is among the top ten eye drop manufacturing companies in India, supplying high-quality eye care products that certainly provide the most brilliant results.

Take a closer look at our top-quality ophthalmic product range

  • Antibiotic eye drops
  • Anti Allergic eye drops
  • Anti cataract drops
  • Anti-inflammatory eye drops
  • Eye Ointments
  • Eye Lubricants
  • Post operative care
  • Mydriatic eye drops
  • Antioxidants

Meducre Organics has been consistently performing well in the pharmaceutical market with its range of premium quality eye care products. Owing to the fact that we pay utmost attention to the quality of our products, our range of eye care and eye drops is consistently used all over the country and is the recommended by ophthalmologists, eye surgeons, and anterior segment surgeons, cataract and refractive-surgeons,Glucoma-specialist,Neuro-ophthalmosists,Cornea-specialist,Retinal-Surgeons,Catract-surgeons,Phaco-surgeons and others. We are India’s most reputed and reliable ophthalmic pharmaceutical company with excellent quality control and quality assurance systems and procedures. We have the potential and the required resources to produce medicines in large quantities for bulk orders. With our profound experience and expertise in this domain, we have made a considerable impact on the Eye Products Market.