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The Shocking Lies about Pharma Industry

The Shocking Lies about Pharma Industry

The Shocking Lies about Pharma Industry

There has been no doubt that pharma companies are playing a vital role to some extent in eliminating the horrible diseases from the world. ‘Big industries’ relates to a group of notable companies that produce and sell drugs. At hand there are countless medications and discoveries such as Insulin by Big Pharma. These Big Pharma have market value in billions, such as Johnson & Johnson ($276 Billion) and Novartis ($273 Billion). There is another side of the picture, which is replete with the shocking lies of Big Pharma. Some studies and experts say that Big Pharma is actually killing people to generate a handful of revenue. This article will give you a complete insight about the real face of Big Pharma.

Big Pharma is really a big name in the pharma industry because most of the products or medications are made by these companies and exported worldwide. There are some hidden secret and lies behind this success, and Pharma companies in the world don’t want to let you know those facts and figures. We are just inspired by this name, but it needs to be addressed properly. Here are some of the shocking lies of Big Pharma that you need to know.

1. FDA Tests All-New Psychiatric Drugs

This is not true that the FDA runs tests to approve or disapprove the psychiatric drugs. FDA only check the reviews and various studies that are governed by the Big Pharma. These reviews are always meant to show the positive results of the drugs for the employees or the general public. So, FDA doesn’t check all the ingredients, and it doesn’t check each product individually. These fake reviews and studies make any product worthy not to be used.

2. Pharma industry is saving Lives

False. This is totally the opposite of the fact that Big Pharma is killing thousands of people worldwide. Let’s take an example of the United States, where 40 deaths per day are because of the prescribed medication produced by Big Pharma. Some reports revealed that prescription drugs are the 4 th leading cause of death. This shows that prescription drugs formulated by Big Pharma companies are dangerous and killing people. Every prescription drug comes with multiple side effects, which are completely unknown to the users.

3. Big Pharma Doesn’t Bribe

Big Pharma is also involved in countless bribe even they pay congressmen, president and head member of the FDA to approve and unknown drug. There is a unseen part of these big pharmaceutical companies they are the nasty evil of society. Most recently, GlaxoSmithKline, is under investigation for bribing $500 million to the Chinese doctors and government official to secure the market shares of the company. A bribe is frequent among notable companies in the world. They can’t do whatever they want to promote their illegal stuff.

4. FDA Approval is Enough, No Advertising

images-1-2 The Shocking Lies about Pharma Industry

False. FDA approval is not the only thing to promote your drugs. In order to promote a product, the Big Pharma spends billions of dollars on advertising that grabs the attention of the people. Also, these Parma companies bribe doctors, and hospitals to promote their product to the general public. In 2014, Pharma companies spent about $4.5 billion on ads, and there is a constant increase of about 18% every year. Whether you read medical journals, newspaper or novels, you will find their promotional formulae there.

5. All the Clinical Trials Are Published

Sadly, this is not true at all. The pharma companies don’t pay any heed on the clinical trials because they choose only the favorable results/findings. If a study is conducted for the working of a supplement, then only the positive results will be published while the negative results will be ignored. That’s sad, but it’s true. Everything works in their favor, and the FDA only checks these results.

Final Words

Big Pharma is the name of the lies and false claims. For years, these companies are deceiving people with their drugs and deadly medications. Most of the time, a product is sold for various medical conditions to increase its market value and revenue. They fake the scientific studies and bribe all the Government officials as well. Countless people die every year because of these deadly drugs

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